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  • Alberta Fire Code Change for Secondary Suites

    June 13, 2019 | Blog | admin
  • Huge Savings for Existing Secondary Suites

    The provincial building code for secondary suites was scheduled to change April 1/19 regarding the upgrading of existing non conforming secondary suites built before 2007. However, that has been postponed to this fall, with no definite date confirmed.

    The new code will require all new suites and existing non conforming suites to be developed according to the new rules. Basically, that means a dedicated furnace (along with other rules) for the suite will become mandatory.

    Up until the time the new code comes in to affect a second furnace is not mandatory. Which is a major saving using up an average of $10,000-$30,000 dollars of a renovation budget. Which would include ceiling demo and new ceilings installed eating up the majority of the budget costs.

    This is good news for owners of existing non conforming basement suites. They can save a lot of money before this provincial building code for secondary suites changes. This could make a huge difference for people that are thinking about getting their basement suite upgraded.

    As long as the permits are issued before the new provincial codes come into effect, they have some time to plan they upgraded suite.

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    For more information on the Fire Code Compliance for Alberta Fire Code please visit fire prevention secondary suites page.