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  • Here is a method that helps landlords write a rental ad

    November 30, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • Marketing your secondary income suite property is more than advertising. Here are some things to consider when writing a rental ad for your secondary suite. When you target where you advertise you have started the screening process.

    Type of Tenants You Want

    Think of who your target market is. What type of tenants do you want? Is your suite suitable for a family with children? Is the area better for professional adults? Maybe you are looking for students in the area of a university. Are you okay with pets and smokers?

    What are you marketing in the area?

    Think of the wonderful amenities and services and location you have been enjoying close to your home. Remembering to keep in mind who your target market is when marketing your secondary suite. If you are looking for a family to move in list the schools in your area, daycares, and shopping centers. If you are looking for professional adults listing dry cleaners, grocery stores and LRT and bus routes will be something they are looking for. If you are considering allowing pets market the nearest vet clinic and walking trails and dog parks.

    Where are you marketing your Income Suite?

    Where you advertise depends on who you want to rent to. If you are looking for students to rent your income suite find a university/ college housing registry to put you ad. Other places you can put your ad are.

    • Sign on the front lawn
    • Newspaper / neighborhood flyer
    • Home rental guide magazine
    • Internet / social media sites
    • YouTube a video of your property
    • Websites that offer rental advertising

    When do you market your basement suite?

    When you advertise depends on when there is a vacancy or when your new basement suite is completed by Suite Builder. Once you get notice of termination from tenant (30 days) you can start to advertise. You may want to give yourself some time to do some maintenance if your tenant has been long term. You can advertise when your fixed term agreement expires or termination of tenancy due to substantial breach.


    Always check your spelling and have a second set of eyes read over your ad before posting it. Depending on where you advertise your rental space there may be an opportunity to add pictures. Take pictures of your place before you start to rent your place and keep them in a safe place for posting future ads. Take some in the summer of the outside of the property and the yard. Have good lighting for pictures and stage the suite if possible so people get a sense of the space.