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  • Signs of Leaky Basement

    March 24, 2018 | Blog | admin
  • Leaky Basement?

    Sign of Leaky Basement

    A leaky basement can cause significant damage to your home if not looked after. Your health can be at risk also if there is mold in the dark back corner of your leaky basement. Before you begin renovations on your basement suite with Suite Builder you need to make sure that your investment is protected and you don’t have a leaky basement that will be harder to fix once you have basement renovations completed or a tenant in your new basement suite.


    Visible signs of mold or a musty smell. If you see mold then you probably have a leaky basement. If you can’t see signs of the mold but have a musty smell in your basement it could be because the mold is behind your walls or in your insulation.


    If you see water stains or warping on your walls this is a sign there has been water at some point in your basement. You may see stains on your joists if your basement hasn’t been finished. There could even be condensation present. Just because you don’t see standing water doesn’t mean you don’t have a leaky basement. There could be a seasonal leak that dries up before you notice.


    If you see a white powder on the concrete floor that is called Efflorescence. This white powder is formed when water reacts to the cement pad. If you see this efflorescence on your foundation floor or wall you may have a leaky basement.


    Rust needs water to form. If there are signs of rust on the floor or under appliances this could mean there is water in your basement. You could all so find corrosion on the metal support posts around the basement.

    Spring in Canada is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the warmer weather. Once the snow starts to melt take some time to go around your home and safe guard against leaky basements. You will enjoy the long-awaited spring weather knowing you have done your part to keep the spring run off away from your home. Always notify Suite Builder if you think you have a leaky basement before you start your renovation project.