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  • Tips To Keep Your Basement Dry

    April 13, 2018 | Blog | admin
  • Keep Your Basement Dry

    Tips to keep your basement dry


    Before you start a major basement renovation like a secondary basement suite it is very important that you protect your investment and avoid costly repairs by keeping your basement dry. If you have signs of a leaky basement its important to find the source. Here are some tips to keep your basement dry once you have found the source, to lower your risk of it happening again.

    Keep Gardens Away from Foundation

    How many of us have beautiful gardens with flowers or shrubs all around the foundation of our house? It adds to your curb appeal, but you may be watering more than your flower bed. If you have had a leaky basement, but still want to have a garden around your home try buying some water proof planters that you can put nicely around your property.

    Clean Window Wells

    An egress window is the law for every basement bedroom. Make sure that the window well is clean from dead leaves and garbage. Weeping tiles are often installed for drainage so check often to make sure the drain isn’t clogged. If you have a wooden window well replacing it with a metal window well and cover with pebbles or gravel to avoid seepage through the ground and into your basement.

    Grading Near Foundation

    Make sure that your yard landscaping slopes away from your foundation. Keep poured sidewalks and driveway with a grading away from your home. When there is a big thaw after a large snow fall ensure that puddles aren’t forming around the foundation. Putting rocks and gravel around the property will help absorb moisture and dry out quicker.

    Eavestroughs and Downspouts

    Your home needs to have efficient eavestroughs for collection of rain and melted snow. Always do a check in the fall to make sure that eavestroughs are cleaned so water can flow freely. Repair any corners or downspouts quickly. Replace old unrepairable eavestroughs with a new system that is 5 inches wide and can with stand our Canadian weather. Check to make sure that your downspouts are at least 5 feet away from the home and that water is not sitting around the foundation.

    Sump Pump

    Most new homes have weeping tile and a sump pump installed. In early spring make sure that your sump pump has been checked and isn’t working overtime. If it is frequently running it may be because water isn’t draining away from your home, or your home was built on a high-water table. Check that the hose is in good repair and doesn’t have holes in it and that it is still attached to the home after the winter. The new heavy-duty sump pumps have a battery back-up and can text or email you when the power goes out. That may give you some piece of mind if you have a sump pump that runs frequently.


    Protect your investment by safe guarding your basement from water damage. If you need any help with these tips on how to keep your basement dry please ask the Suite Builder team to go over them with you. You need to identify the main cause for water damage and solve the problem quickly to keep your basement dry.