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  • Tips To Prevent Appliance Leaks

    February 27, 2019 | Blog | admin
  • Upstairs Water Leaks Can Happen

    Tips To Protect From Appliance Leaks

    Tips to prevent appliance leaks in your basement suite. You hire Suite Builder to build a beautiful new basement suite, to help pay down your mortgage or to build your retirement fund. Whatever the reasons are for you building your basement suite you need to protect your investment from water damage from upstairs appliances and other water sources. Even with the best intentions some water leaks are unavoidable. Here are some tips to protect basement suite from upstairs water leaks. 


    Every few months you need to remove the kick plate of your dishwasher and clean and check hoses for leaks while the dishwasher is running. A good think is to replace old rubber hoses with braided stainless-steel supply lines. Dishwashers have 40 p.s.i. or more of water pressure, enough to cause a lot of water damage. You can place a onetime water alarm in the pan to give you peace of mind these are good for two years and can be replaced once alarm goes off.


    Washing machines come with factor rubber hoses and it’s best to invest in braided stainless-steel supply lines they have a longer operating life. Check with your appliance service plan and have your machine serviced if you notice any water around the machine. Never overload the machine this can cause the door to not work properly. A good habit to never put a load of laundry in and leave for the day. While your basement suite is being renovated you can access all your plumbing to install a drain pan that can be plumbed to a floor drain in the basement before the ceiling is closed for the basement suite. You can place a one-time water alarm in the pan to give you peace of mind.


    Clean behind your refrigerator a few times a year. Checking the water supply tube that supplies the ice maker with fresh water for leaks. Take care in putting the refrigerator back that you don’t stretch or kink the tube to the ice maker.


    Keep all your toilets in good working order to avoid large repair bills is by fixing minor repairs as soon as you notice a problem. A lot of toilet repairs can be DIY projects, your local hardware store will have the replacement part for you to just swap out the old part. If it is a bigger job always call a plumber to fix a toilet. Watch for water on the floor around the toilet base and water connections and fix right away. When you go away for a long period of time it is best to turn off the water supply to the toilet if possible and have someone stop in every few days to make sure everything is good.


    Don’t leave the room when you are filling up the bath tub to avoid forgetting the tub is running until it is too late. Making sure that your overflow drain is connected properly and that the cover is on the right way. Keeping your drain running freely by cleaning out hair when it starts to drain slowly.

    Making water supply checks a routine maintenance in your home can potentially save you thousands of dollars. Hopefully avoiding the hassle of reconstruction and insurance claims. These tips to prevent appliance leaks from damaging your basement suite can help. Please discuss your options with Suite Builder while all your plumbing is exposed for work on the basement suite.