• The health and safety of our clients and our tradesmen is top priority as COVID-19 continues to impact our communities. We are currently completing existing secondary suite development projects and will move forward on all future renovation/development projects on an individual basis. 


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  • Hiring Suite Builder

    Licensed Contractor vs Handyman

    A licensed General contractor like Suite Builder is knowledgeable in large scale projects and has a dedicated team of full time staff and sub trades that up hold Suite Builder quality of work.

    Handyman is just that a person that is handy. Usually a handyman will have no formal qualifications, licenses, or certificates. A handyman is someone how is skilled in certain tasks around the house. They will generally take on any job no matter how small.

    If you are undergoing a major renovation such as a secondary suite you need the services of a general contractor to guide you through the process. The task of finding a general contractor will be time consuming and you will have to do your due diligence. It’s a very important decision but well worth your time.

    Before You Start Looking

    Talking to your family, friends and work colleagues about your project is a great place to start. You can gather up the names of the companies that friends would recommend and possibly companies to stay away from. The internet is a great place to gather information about companies.

    Always have a good idea about your project before you call anyone. Some drawings could be helpful but not necessary to show the contractors. It’s good to be open to suggestions as the contractor will have some of their own ideas. Give each contractor the same information and obstacles or concerns so that you give each a chance to present an accurate and competitive quote.

    Things to Look for in a Contractor

    • Does he or she have certified trades working for them?
    • Is the contractor licensed and have liability insurance?
    • Do they have a prepaid contractor’s license?
    • Have they performed this scope of renovation or construction before?
    • A general contractor that listens to your project plans and understands your goals and vision.
    • When you address obstacles or concerns can they be flexible with creative solutions to the problem or do they just say no that can’t be done.
    • They are willing to make adjustment when necessary to meet or come within reason to your budget.
    • How many other projects does the coompany take on at one time?
    • Someone that you know you can work with is very important as well. You will be seeing that person and their team for months if you’re doing a large renovation project.
    • A contractor that is willing to give you at least three references and be proud to show you some pictures of his projects.

    Effective Questions to Ask References

    Don’t skip this part of the process. It is a vital part of making your decision as to which contractor you will hire. A reputable contractor will give you at least three references.

    • Did they provide an accurate description of the work to be done?
    • Was the contractor able to come up with solutions and solve problems when they came up?
    • Was the work area clean and orderly at the end of the day and hazards clearly marked?
    • Was the work done on schedule and within budget?
    • Were they satisfied with the quality of work and materials that were used?
    • Did they keep you informed at all stages of the project?
    • Was the overall experience a positive one?
    • Would they hire the company again or recommend them to their family and friends?
    • How did they find the contractor, from another happy client or another source.